Grain Cleaner Metra ADS-800-CDC


SKU: 818-ADS-800-CDC

Elite GrainMaster 800

Introducing the Elite GrainMaster 800 - where engineering marvel meets grain cleaning brilliance. A fusion of outstanding performance and supreme efficiency, this grain cleaner stands out in its league.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Impressive Productivity: The GrainMaster 800 stands true to its name, boasting a productivity level of 800 bushels/hour or 20 tons/hour. Your grains are not just cleaned; they're refined to perfection.
  • Efficient Energy Management: Operating at a moderate 14 amps, this machine ensures a smooth, uninterrupted flow of power, enhancing its reliability and operational consistency.
  • Powerful Energy Consumption: Empowered by a 4.0 horse power motor, and consuming energy at 3.0 kW/hour, it guarantees optimal cleaning power without draining your resources.
  • Robust Build: Weighing in at 1900 lb (or approximately 860 kg), the GrainMaster's solid build signifies durability, reliability, and a long service life.
  • Universal Power Compatibility: Designed for easy integration, it is compatible with power setups of 220 V and 60 Gz, making it versatile for various infrastructures.
  • Expansive Dimensions: Measuring at 189.00 inches x 53.30 inches x 112.20 inches (or 480 cm x 135.5 cm x 285 cm), it's constructed to handle large batches effortlessly, ensuring no grain is left uncleaned.

The Elite GrainMaster 800 is not just a grain cleaner; it's an investment in quality, speed, and consistency. When it comes to grain cleaning, settle for nothing but the best.