Grain Cleaner Metra ADS-4000


SKU: 818-ADS-4000

High-Efficiency Grain Cleaner

Introducing our high-performance grain cleaner, designed meticulously with the modern agricultural needs in mind. Achieve seamless and efficient grain cleaning with a productivity rate of up to 4,000 bushels per hour or equivalent to 100 tons every hour.

Key Features:

  • High Productivity: With a productivity rate of 4,000 bushels/hour or 100 tons/hour, you can process more in less time.
  • Optimal Power Consumption: Operates at a power consumption of 220 V with a 60 Gz frequency, ensuring that the machine is energy-efficient while providing optimal performance.
  • Effective Energy Use: The machine's energy consumption stands at 15.0 horsepower or 11.0 kW/hour. This guarantees powerful operation without compromising on energy savings.
  • Safety First: With an amperage range of 41-45 amps, our grain cleaner is built to ensure safe operation.
  • Lightweight Design: Despite its high-performance metrics, the grain cleaner weighs only 1900 lbs or 860 kg, making it relatively easy to maneuver and integrate into various farm setups.
  • Perfect Dimensions: Measuring at 123.40 inches by 63.00 inches by 118.70 inches (or 314 cm x 160 cm x 302 cm), the design is compact yet spacious enough to handle large grain cleaning tasks.

Opt for our grain cleaner and revolutionize your agricultural processing. Efficient, safe, and powerful - it's an investment that offers unmatched value.