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Triple Shaft Industrial Shredders

Triple Shaft Industrial Shredders belong to the category of industrial shredders known for their low-speed, high-torque operation, resulting in reduced heat and dust generation when compared to alternatives with high-speed, low-torque designs. The typical applications of Triple Shaft Industrial Shredders include handling cardboard boxes, folding carton stock, and corrugated cores. These Industrial shredders utilize a trio of counter-rotating shafts that operate at varying speeds, creating a mechanism that effectively pierces and tears materials. This configuration is especially beneficial for tasks that require consistent particle sizes. Triple Shaft Industrial Shredders offer a variety of cutter configurations that enable efficient material processing and ensure continuous operations by preventing jams. Noteworthy is their incorporation of a heavy-duty paddle wheel designed to crush bulky materials prior to the Industrial shredding process.
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Triple Shaft Industrial Shredding System Design

Triple Shaft Industrial Shredding Systems are custom built according to each application’s requirements. Contact an Industrial Shredders sales engineer for more information and sizing assistance for your triple shaft Industrial shredders.