Metra Grain Cleaners

Metra Grain Cleaners work with any type of grain. It takes just
a few minutes to go from one commodity to another.

Metra Grain Cleaners

Metra Grain Cleaner is a functional grain cleaner machine that works based on the unique patented aerodynamic cleaning technology and is able to calibrate all type of loose crops like beans, grains, oilseeds etc. This unique technology assures that grain does not get damaged and that high quality seed ais prepared with maximum germination capability of up to 99%. The machine’s capability to separate grain into different sections allows to produce high-quality marketable product in each category.

Metra separator can replace a line of machines that previously have been required to prepare crops for sale and sowing. Almaz’s separator can clean, dry, and calibrate. It is also able to detect and pick out damaged grain that has been pests damaged or has been effected by any type of fungus: aflatoxin, fusarium,vomitoxin,etc. Consequently, the healthy high quality grain has much higher value on the market which means a higher profits for you.

Metra cleans out any heavy or/and light impurities. Sorting and grading all types of grain.
Separating grains based on its relative density. Provides uniform seeds with most biological value for simultaneous germination and maturity to increase your yields up to 30%-40%.
Metra is cable to divide two different density crops mixed together.
Separates grain into fractions to provide the best market value $$$ for each grain category. Metra grain cleaner makes each grain category #1.

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The “Metra” machine represents a revolution in grain separating technology. The technique is based on jet stream of air and aerodynamic principles which separates source material based on relative density with a high level of precision.



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