Grain Cleaner Metra ADS-200


SKU: 818-ADS-200

Compact Primary Grain Cleaner

Unveiling our efficient grain cleaner, built with precision and designed for farms aiming for streamlined operations. Achieve meticulous grain cleaning with a steady throughput of 200 bushels per hour, which is equal to 5 tons each hour.

Features and Benefits:

  • Consistent Productivity: Effectively process 200 bushels/hour or 5 tons/hour, ensuring thorough and uniform cleaning.
  • Energy Optimization: Operating at a standard 220 V and 60 Gz, our grain cleaner is the epitome of efficient energy consumption.
  • Optimal Power: Powered by a 1.0 horsepower motor, it delivers consistent results with an energy consumption rate of 0.75 kW/hour.
  • Safety Assured: Designed with safety in mind, it operates at a modest amperage of 3.5 amps.
  • Portability Perfected: With a weight of 400 lbs or 180 kg, it's designed for hassle-free mobility and ease of installation.
  • Compact Design: Boasting dimensions of 95.30 inches x 22.00 inches x 74.00 inches (or 242 cm x 56 cm x 188 cm), this unit is engineered to save space without compromising on its efficacy.

Invest in our primary grain cleaner and experience technology-driven grain cleaning that's both efficient and reliable, ensuring the purest yield every time.