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To prevent reuse and facilitate further processing, Product Destruction Shredders effectively eliminate branded products, post-consumer goods, and unsellable stock by reducing their size. From shredding tennis shoes to crushing military uniforms and ice chests, a wide array of items can be processed. Depending on desired throughput and particle size, Product Destruction Shredders may necessitate a dual shaft shredder or quad shaft shredder. These U.S.-manufactured industrial shredders operate with low-speed, high-torque mechanisms.
Enhancements like box dumpers, conveyors, rams, screens, and separation equipment can enhance the capabilities of Product Destruction Shredders. Engineered specifically for your requirements, product destruction shredders and shredding systems ensure fulfillment of your needs in terms of footprint, throughput, and particle size.
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Product Destruction Customer Testimonial:

“We recently purchased a shredder had a fantastic experience! We weren’t sure that it would work for our application, so they offered to do a full test run for us and make sure that everything was to our liking. Then, when we ordered the shredder, they gave us a timeline and when it was only going to run a couple of days past, that was communicated as well. We will definitely be using them again if any more needs come up in the future!”

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