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Electronic Scrap Shredders shred a wide range of electronic waste, including televisions, computers, laptops, servers, VCRs, stereos, fax machines, copiers, backup tapes, and rotary hard drives. We also provide a split chamber design enabling solid-state drive destruction. Once reduced and separated, many components from electronic scrap can be reused, recycled, or reclaimed. Depending on your required throughput and particle size, Electronic Scrap Shredders may necessitate a dual shaft shredder or quad shaft shredder.
These are low-speed, high-torque industrial shredders made in the U.S. Addition of hardened cutters can assist in shredding extra-heavy materials. Enhancements such as conveyors, box dumpers, rams, screens, and separation equipment can be incorporated. Our electronic scrap shredders and systems are meticulously tailored to meet your specific application needs, ensuring fulfillment of your requirements.
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