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Gaylord Box Dumpers

Gaylord Box Dumpers are designed to enhance efficiency and alleviate operator fatigue by elevating and emptying Gaylord boxes. These dumpers necessitate 3-phase power and feature a reinforced formed steel frame with an adaptable retaining bar ranging from 24″ to 48″ in height. To ensure accessibility to hydraulic and electrical components, the design of Gaylord Box Dumpers is thoughtfully engineered. Secure lagging to the floor is essential, and a ceiling clearance of 130″ or 150″ is required for discharge heights of 48″ and 60″, respectively. The lifting process of Gaylord Box Dumpers takes approximately 30 to 33 seconds, followed by a 45-second gravity-assisted lowering. The standard drum dimensions are 52″ wide x 48″ deep, and an extra-wide 60″ drum option is also available. Each pivot point of the dumpers is equipped with bearings. Additional features for Gaylord Box Dumpers include options like enclosed gating, auto-run control packages, heightened weight capacities, and the choice for stainless steel or washdown-compatible construction and components.

Gayload Box Dumper Intergration

Gaylord Box Dumpers can be integrated into existing Industrial shredding systems or incorporated in their design from the start. We offer complete Industrial shredding system design, equipment manufacturing, installation, and after-sale service. Contact an Industrial Shredders sales engineer for more information and assistance with your material handling requirements.
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