SuperCrop LP

First Row-Crop Header Designed for CBD Hemp Production

Reliable in the most difficult conditions
  • Propriety cutting and feeding mechanism reduce or eliminate the wrapping issues that many headers encounter
  • Snoots lift branches to increase yield while leaving stalk
  • Easy to change sickle-section design allows you to swap out to a more aggressive section for hemp, to get more life out of your knife components
  • Backscreen reduces material loss, increasing bushel/acre yields
  • Able to harvest narrow row drilled (7 ½”) crops as well as crops planted up to 40” apart

Upgraded Features

Hydraulically controlled row unit chains now standard​
  • Speed control from inside the cab​
  • Ability to reverse the chains without reversing the auger and feeder house​
  • Excellent feeding in “green stem” and heavy moisture conditions​
  • Reduces stalk intake by up to 20% over competing headers​
Full finger auger​
  • Improved feeding in green and heavier moisture conditions​
  • Improved feeding in “high trash” situations​
Low profile​
  • New 9″ cut height lifts branches to preserve yield while leaving stalk​
  • Pick Up the Crop, Leave the Stalk!​
Reinforced row divider cover frames (optional)​
  • Improved durability in taller crop situations​