Since 2001, Lankota has been captivating ideas and translating them into products that create value for the farmer.
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Lankota Inc. is a family owned, manufacturing company located in Huron, SD. Lankota specializes in aftermarket agricultural products, snow blowers, and custom metal work. Lankota is located in the heart of South Dakota and values their Midwestern work ethic. They are fully equipped and capable of performing a variety of metal services.

Their strong work ethic, family values, and faith in God are relevant in their everyday business practices. These three things have helped their company continually strive forward through tough economic times. Their ability to be proactive and take risks when necessary, enables them to diversify their company in order to remain successful and still offer the same quality products at affordable prices to their valued customers. They stand behind their services and products by guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Ag Driven Innovations

Lankota is a company in motion. Since its beginning in 2001, Lankota has been captivating ideas and translating them into products that create value for the farmer, the true definition of innovation.
With a success mindset, Lankota has established a systematic approach to innovation. Coming up with ideas can be relatively easy, nonetheless those ideas need to be executed. Lankota takes the required time and resources needed to take a rough idea, design it, refine it, test the prototype, and finally turn it into a real solution. Additionally, Lankota takes the process to the next level by staying in touch with the customer to assure the solution truly is adding value from the customer’s perspective.



The LANCTW0235 is a trailer wiring harness kit for John Deere® X9 Series combines. The harness plugs in the combine a existing wiring harness. The 7-way receptacle mounts to the left side of the combine rear axle, and utilizes a removable extension cable alongside the hitch. The trailer wiring harness activates brake, turn and warning indicators.

Wing weight bracket kit for John Deere® DB corn planters

The LANCP21449 is a wing weight bracket kit for John Deere® DB corn planters. Up to eight OEM suitcase weights can be added per side to each bracket. Lankota’s corn planter wing weight b


rackets are painted to match your planter, and are the heaviest built on the market. No drilling, cutting or welding required.

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