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Battery Shredders

Battery Shredders employ a primary shredder, either a dual shaft or quad shaft shredder, characterized by low-speed, high torque, as the initial stage of shredding prior to subsequent processing.
Within Li-ion batteries and others, valuable elements such as cobalt, nickel, copper, and assorted precious metals are present, capable of being recycled and repurposed after effective separation. To mitigate fire hazards, Battery Shredders integrate a continuous water bath and a supplementary chemical-based fire suppression solution.
Preceding recycling, the majority of batteries require discharge. Augmenting Battery Shredders with conveyors, screens, separation apparatus, and washing stations can be advantageous. The overall approach often encompasses preliminary treatment and direct recovery of electrode materials through physical procedures.
Tailored to individual needs, Battery Shredders and their shredding systems are meticulously crafted to address various applications, spanning the recycling of electric-vehicle batteries, lithium-ion batteries, absolyte batteries, alkaline batteries, and lead-acid batteries, among others.
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