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Infeed & Discharge Conveyors

Enhancing operational efficiency, Infeed Belt Conveyors contribute to the automation of material feeding into the Industrial shredder. These conveyors utilize industrial pulleys to facilitate the continuous movement of materials along a looped path. For streamlined output automation, Discharge Belt Conveyors directly feed into balers, compactors, or other material handling equipment. Available in a range of belt widths from 16” to 72”, Infeed & Discharge Belt Conveyors also offer diverse lengths. The conveyor belts can be crafted from materials like rough top, PVC 120, or urethane. Flexible in design, these conveyors are offered in both attached and free-standing models, accompanied by options for fixed or variable speed controls. Customizable features for Infeed & Discharge Belt Conveyors encompass hoppers, side guides, baler hoods, photo eyes, and top covers. These industrial-grade belt conveyors are classified into medium-duty, heavy-duty, and extra-heavy-duty models.

Infeed & Discharge Conveyors System Design

Infeed Belt Conveyors & Discharge Belt Conveyors increase productivity by automating the movement of the material before and after Industrial shredding. They can be combined with a variety of recycling equipment and are the most economical powered conveyor available. Contact an Industrial Shredders sales engineer for more information and sizing assistance for your industrial belt conveyors.