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Mattress Industrial Shredders

Utilizing low-speed, high-torque, dual shaft Industrial shredders, Mattress Industrial Shredders break down mattress foam, fabric, and steel components to enhance separation. Mattress Shears, on the other hand, aid in separating wood components from steel parts in box springs. Comprising an adjustable table driven by a variable speed shear, these shears facilitate the process.
Offering an efficient, less labor-intensive approach to breaking down mattresses and box springs, Mattress Industrial Shredders & Mattress Shears also cut landfill costs. Engineered specifically for your needs, Mattress Industrial Shredders & Shredding Systems encompass various elements. From cutter profile to infeed and discharge methods, every aspect is meticulously designed to meet your requirements for throughput, particle size, and footprint.
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