Metra VDSC-2000


SKU: 818-VDSC-2000

VDSC-2000 Grain Cleaner by Metra

Take your grain cleaning to the next level with the VDSC-2000. Designed with advanced features and robust measurements, this grain cleaner ensures optimal performance for all your cleaning needs.

Key Specifications:

  • Productivity: Capable of handling 2000 bushels/hour or approximately 50 tons/hour, ensuring rapid and efficient primary grain cleaning.
  • Screen Dimensions: A generously sized screen measuring 70.8 inches by 90.5 inches (or 180 cm by 230 cm) provides thorough cleaning and screening.
  • Energy-Efficient: With an energy consumption rate of just 3.0 horsepower or 2.2 kW/hour, the VDSC-2000 operates efficiently, saving you on power costs.
  • Weight & Build: Built sturdy, the grain cleaner weighs 2450 lb (or 1110 kg), ensuring stability and durability.
  • Power Consumption: Operates at a standard 220 V with a frequency of 60 Gz, making it suitable for various settings.
  • Overall Measurements: The overall dimensions of the grain cleaner are 106 inches x 100 inches x 80.5 inches (or 269 cm x 254 cm x 204.5 cm), making it an ideal fit for spaces designed for industrial equipment.

Enhance your grain cleaning process with the VDSC-2000 by Metra, combining efficiency with cutting-edge design. Perfect for both small and large-scale operations.