Multi-Point Header Adapter – 992-LAN84206

SKU: 992-LAN84206


The LAN84206 is a conversion kit to hydraulically and electrically connect a John Deere® 600 Series platform head to a John Deere® 9000, 10, or 50 Series combine equipped with multipoint hydraulic connections. Call Lankota for Header Height and Contour Masterª Sensing kits.
For use with John Deere® 9050 Sereis to John Deere® 600F Conversion:

  • If the combine does NOT have the Hydraflexª button on the armrest, order an LANBH84094.
  • If the combine is between serial # 685301 - 695600 and the header control board has not been updated already, order an LANAH220605.

For use with John Deere® 9000 or John Deere® 9010 Series Combines:

  • Use LAN84206NE and LANHPO-JD10-31Q (Electrical Flex Conversion System). Conversions to new John Deere® 600HF heads require adapting feeder house to a new hook style (contact Lankota for the correct hook kit).

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Weight -1 lbs