Metra VDSC-800


SKU: 818-VDSC-800

Compact Grain Cleaner Model

Introducing our Compact Grain Cleaner Model, designed for the meticulous farmer who demands quality and efficiency in a compact form. Perfect for operations that require precision without the bulk, this grain cleaner promises an unmatched grain cleaning experience.

Key Specifications:

  • Optimized Productivity: Efficiently process grains with a productivity rate of 800 bushels/hour, translating to roughly 20 tons/hour. This ensures you get the most out of every batch.
  • Streamlined Screen Size: The cleaner's screen spans 39.4 inches by 70.9 inches (or 100 cm by 180 cm), making it perfect for meticulous grain separation and cleaning.
  • Economical Energy Consumption: With an ultra-efficient rate of just 1.0 horsepower or 0.75 kW/hour, this grain cleaner keeps your energy bills low without compromising on performance.
  • Sleek and Sturdy: Weighing in at 1220 lb (or 550 kg), it's robust enough to handle rigorous cleaning tasks while being conveniently movable.
  • Consistent Power Consumption: Operating seamlessly at a voltage of 220 V and a frequency of 60 Gz, it integrates smoothly into diverse power setups.
  • Perfectly Sized: Its dimensions stand at 85.5 inches x 64 inches x 60.2 inches (or 217 cm x 162.5 cm x 153 cm), offering powerful cleaning in a size that's ideal for spaces with limitations.

Invest in the Compact Grain Cleaner Model and benefit from the blend of power and precision. Ideal for farms and operations that value quality and space efficiency.