Metra VDSC-400


SKU: 818-VDSC-400

Compact Efficiency Grain Cleaner

Meet our Compact Efficiency Grain Cleaner, the perfect embodiment of performance meeting compact design. Tailored for setups that require optimized grain cleaning without a large footprint, this model delivers both functionality and space efficiency.

Key Specifications:

  • Tailored Productivity: With a productivity capacity of 400 bushels/hour or approximately 10 tons/hour, it's the optimal solution for focused grain cleaning needs.
  • Precision Screen Size: The model's screen measures 31.5 inches by 47.2 inches (or 80 cm by 120 cm), ensuring precise grain screening and thorough cleaning.
  • Energy Efficient: Its energy consumption is incredibly efficient at 0.7 horsepower or 0.5 kW/hour, ensuring you get maximum output with minimal energy input.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Weighing just 880 lb (or 400 kg), it's built to be both resilient and easily maneuverable across various setups.
  • Standard Power Consumption: Operating at 220 V with a frequency of 60 Gz, it's compatible with regular power sources, ensuring hassle-free operation.
  • Space-Saving Design: The unit's dimensions are a compact 72.5 inches x 53.2 inches x 53.8 inches (or 184 cm x 135 cm x 136.5 cm), making it a space-efficient choice for smaller establishments or when space is at a premium.

Choose our Compact Efficiency Grain Cleaner for a blend of performance, precision, and space-saving design. Ideal for operations that seek high-quality grain cleaning in a compact form.