John Deere® 70 Series Feeder House Structure Update – 992-LANBXE10222

SKU: 992-LANBXE10222


The LANBXE10222 is a John Deere® 70 Series feeder house structure update. The LANBXE1022 makes 600FD HydraFlexª Draper platforms compatible with 70 Sereis STSª combines. The LANBXE10222 fits John Deere® 70 Series model numbers 9670 STS, 9770 STS, and 9870 STS.
Please note, the 9570 STS combine is NOT compatible with the 635FD or 640FD HydraFlexª Draper.
Along with the required 70 Series STSª feederhouse upgrade kits, several other important compatibility considerations (i.e. lateral tilt, unloading auger length, feederhouse lift cylinder diameter, combine software updates, combine harnesses, etc.) must be taken into account to ensure systems compatibility and optimal field performance.

  • Premature failure of the feederhouse structure may result if the feederhouse upgrade kits are not installed on a MY2008-MY2010 70 Series STSª Combine.

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Weight -1 lbs