Contour-Master™ Retro Fit Tilt Frame for Pre 60 Series Narrow Body Combines – 992-LAN84212/213K

SKU: 992-LAN84212/213K


The LAN84212/213K enables you to convert your John Deere® 9000, 9010, or 9050 Series narrow body Contour-Masterª combine to the new hook style for John Deere® 600 Series heads. This kit fits all narrow body and STS combines, excluding side hill combines.
Will not work on 9550 Walker combines below serial number 685936.
For wide body combines, order the LAN84212K.
In some instances, it my be necessary for you to send in your tilt frame core to be retrofitted before your LAN84212/213K can be shipped. Contact Lankota about receiving a credit for your tilt frame core!

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Weight -1 lbs