Grain Cleaner Metra ADS-6000


SKU: 818-ADS-6000

UltraEfficient 6000 Series

Dive into the world of advanced grain cleaning with the UltraEfficient 6000 Series. With an unmatched combination of efficiency and power, this machine is the perfect solution for all your grain cleaning needs.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Impressive Productivity: Experience superior grain cleaning at a rapid pace of 6000 bushels/hour or up to 150 tons/hour. Achieve more in less time and enhance your yield.
  • Optimal Energy Use: Operating between 57-60 amps, the machine is designed for effective energy utilization without compromising performance.
  • Powerful Mechanism: Powered by a 20.0 horse power engine and consuming 15.0 kW/hour, the UltraEfficient 6000 ensures every grain is cleaned with precision.
  • Sturdy & Durable: Weighing in at 2010 lb (910 kg), it combines stability and efficiency, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Adaptable Power Settings: Designed for a power consumption rate of 480 V and 60 Gz, making it versatile for different power infrastructures.
  • Compact Design: With dimensions of 123.40 inches x 63.00 inches x 118.70 inches (or 314 cm x 160 cm x 302 cm), it easily integrates into operational setups, optimizing space.

Maximize your grain cleaning operations with the UltraEfficient 6000 Series, a fusion of innovative technology and seamless design.