Color Sorter Metra 6AS-680


SKU: 818-6AS-680

High-Efficiency Grain Cleaner

Introducing our High-Efficiency Grain Cleaner, meticulously engineered for those who demand both power and precision. This cleaner stands as a testament to innovative design, marrying peak performance with practical features.

Key Specifications:

  • Adaptable Capacity: This versatile machine offers a cleaning capacity ranging from 400 to 800 bushels/hour, equivalent to 10-20 tons/hour. Catering to various grain processing needs, it adapts to both low and high volume requirements with ease.
  • Optimized Air Pressure: Operating between an air pressure of 0.6 to 0.8 Mpa, it ensures effective grain cleaning without the risk of damage or loss.
  • Efficient Air Consumption: While performing at its best, the grain cleaner keeps air consumption under 215 CFM or 6100 liters/min, making it energy and cost-efficient.
  • Robust Build: Weighing a substantial 5436 lb (or 2466 kg), this cleaner is a sturdy piece of equipment built for resilience and long-term operation.
  • Powerful Operation: Drawing power between 8.5 to 10.9 kw, it ensures consistent and effective grain cleaning, even for larger batches.
  • Generous Measurements: The cleaner's dimensions stand at a spacious 170 inches x 69 inches x 87 inches (or 430 cm x 175 cm x 220 cm), making it suitable for professional operations where space and efficiency are paramount.

Dive into a seamless grain cleaning experience with our High-Efficiency Grain Cleaner. It's not just a machine, but a commitment to optimal grain processing, ensuring each batch is as perfect as the last.