Color Sorter Metra 6AS-476


SKU: 818-6AS-476

Precision-Matched Grain Cleaner

Experience the synthesis of precision engineering and optimum performance with our Precision-Matched Grain Cleaner. Every detail, every specification, is justified to meet the unique needs of today’s discerning agriculturalist.

Key Specifications:

  • Flexible Capacity: The grain cleaner offers a versatile capacity, ranging from 280 to 560 bushels/hour or 7-14 tons/hour. Whether your operation is large or small, it adapts seamlessly.
  • Consistent Air Pressure: Operating at an air pressure of 0.6 to 0.8 Mpa, the machine guarantees thorough yet gentle cleaning, upholding the integrity of each grain.
  • Economical Air Consumption: The cleaner's peak efficiency ensures air consumption remains below 169 CFM or 4800 liters/min. This not only ensures optimal cleaning but also translates to energy savings.
  • Sturdy and Compact: Weighing at 3140 lb (or 1450 kg), it strikes the perfect balance between robust construction and space efficiency.
  • Power Packed: Drawing power between 7.5 to 8.7 kw, it ensures consistent, top-tier grain cleaning without compromising on energy efficiency.
  • Perfect Dimensions: With measurements of 114 inches x 67 inches x 61 inches (or 289 cm x 169 cm x 155 cm), it’s designed to fit seamlessly into your operation without occupying excess space.

Our Precision-Matched Grain Cleaner is more than a machine; it's a testament to justified design for the best in grain processing. Every grain, every batch, is treated with the care and precision it deserves.