October 26th, 2023 | Bryce Doeschot

Bish Enterprises has unveiled what they call the world’s largest folding corn header, sporting a 27-row, 20-inch configuration.

The colossal corn header features a 45-foot in-field cutting width, which folds down to 30 feet, making it maneuverable and transport-friendly.

“Our latest addition transcends mere machinery,” said Andrew Bish, chief operating officer of Bish Enterprises. “It represents our unwavering commitment to continuously empower the farming community with top-tier tools, equipping them to meet the challenges and opportunities of modern farming.”

Key Performance Highlights:

  • At a steady pace of 5 mph, the header showcases its prowess by harvesting approximately 6,148 bushels per hour in fields yielding 225 bushels per acre
  • Accelerating to 6 mph, its efficiency peaks at around 7,357 bushels per hour

In a news release, Bish Enterprises expressed their appreciation for the dedicated and talented Bish Team members, local farming families, and collaborators who played roles in the success of the project.