We are one of the leading producers of agricultural machinery in Austria, located in Dorf an der Pram in the district of Schärding (Upper Austria). As an owner-managed family business, we have been producing specialized “niche products” since 1934. We are one of the pioneers in producing machines for grassland care and renewal, as well as in the sector of equipment for mechanical crop care for organic farming.

Crop Care

Crop Care

Successful mechanical weed control

Precise tined weed technology

Individually adapted row-crop cultivation technology

Effective breaking of crusts

Fusion Farming – for sustainable farming



Ideal seedbed preparation

Perfect stubble turning

Perfect Incorporation of catch crops

Optimal crumbling trough ultra flat cultivating

Excellent Levelling

Grassland Care

Grassland Care

Ideal dethatching of the turf

Exact reseeding of grassland

Excellent soil areation

Ensures a dense turf

Perfect levelling of mole hills

Seeding & Fertilizing

Seeding & Fertilizing

Seeding of inter-or catch crops

Electrical or mechanically driven seeding unit

Fertilliser distribution and row sowing

For all common seeds

Suitable for many different implements