SuperCrop – 12 Row 36 Dual Sickle Drive


SKU: 300-S-12R36

Pick up the Crop – Leave the Stalk

The SuperCrop is a row crop combine harvester attachment that performs similar to the old John Deere row crop headers combined with the cutting technique found on today’s platform/draper headers. Points, or snouts, are located between each row to gather and guide material to a sickle bar cutting mechanism located at the back of the row unit. With the cutter bar at the back of the row unit, farmers are able to pick up down crop while still managing to cut at a minimum of 15 inches, making operators’ lives easier while enhancing their harvesting efficiency.

This first-of-its-kind row-crop header can harvest a variety of row crops including:

Sorghum | Sunflowers | Popcorn/Dry Land Corn | Hemp