Net Wrap Assist System for John Deere® Balers – 992-LANRB18222

SKU: 992-LANRB18222


The LANRB18222 is a net wrap assist system for John Deere® belted, round balers that produce a 5' or 6' tall bale, and where net wrap loads in the rear of the baler. Lankota's net wrap assist system helps eliminate the back-breaking job of loading net wrap into your John Deere® baler. Using 12 volt DC power from the tractor, you are able to winch the net wrap into place with the push of a button, easily and safely getting you back in the seat for more baling. Compatible with these John Deere® balers: 460R, 560R, 460M, 560M, 469, 569, 468, 568, 467, 567, 566, 450M, 550M, 450E, 459, 559, 558, 557, 556, 458, and 457. NOT compatible with these John Deere® balers: 456 and 466.

Additional information

Weight 96 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 16 in