Metra VDSC-1600


SKU: 818-VDSC-1600

Premium Grain Cleaner Model

Experience heightened efficiency and performance with our cutting-edge grain cleaner. Crafted for modern agricultural processes, this device promises superior primary grain cleaning to maximize your output and streamline operations.

Key Specifications:

  • Efficient Productivity: Achieve an impressive cleaning rate of 1600 bushels/hour or approximately 45 tons/hour, ensuring faster processing times and improved yield.
  • Optimal Screen Size: Featuring a screen dimension of 59.0 inches by 90.5 inches (or 150 cm by 230 cm), it guarantees thorough and consistent grain cleaning.
  • Eco-friendly Energy Consumption: The grain cleaner is engineered to be energy-efficient, consuming just 2.0 horsepower or 1.5 kW/hour, helping you save on electricity costs.
  • Lightweight Design: With a weight of 1500 lb (or 680 kg), it ensures easy installation and repositioning, making it a versatile choice for diverse farming setups.
  • Standard Power Consumption: Operating at a consistent 220 V and a frequency of 60 Gz, it aligns with regular power standards, ensuring hassle-free integration into your system.
  • Compact Measurements: Its dimensions are 115.8 inches x 85.9 inches x 64.4 inches (or 294 cm x 218 cm x 163.6 cm), optimized to fit seamlessly into your agricultural space without occupying excessive room.

Elevate your grain cleaning process with our advanced grain cleaner model. It's not just about cleaning; it's about improving overall grain quality, achieving faster throughput, and driving sustainable farming.