Lankota Stalk Stomper® Mounting Kit for John Deere® 40/90 Series Corn Heads – 992-LANSS4090XT

SKU: 992-LANSS4090XT


The LANSS4090X is a Lankota Stalk Stomper® mounting kit for John Deere® 40 and 90 Series corn heads. This kit will cover 2 rows. In most cases, the mount can be easily mounted to any row unit utilizing the two mounting bolts. The kit contains the mounts and hardware needed to prepare the header for Lankota Stalk Stompers®. It may be desirable to remove the Stalk Stomper® shoes to transport the head on a trailer, or prevent excessive down pressure during storage. To facilitate this, 2 storage brackets that mount to the top rail are also provided.
Lankota Stalk Stomper® shoes are not included in this kit, and are sold separately. The following items are required to cover 2 rows of a John Deere® 40 or 90 Series corn head:

  • (1) LANSS4090X: Mounting Kit
  • (2) LANSS655: Stalk Stomper® Shoes with Poly

The estimated installation time is 1 hour.

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Weight -1 lbs