John Deere® 20, 30, 8R & 8RT Series Tractor Tow Cable Kit – 992-LANTC17056

SKU: 992-LANTC17056


The LANTC17056 is a tow cable kit for John Deere® 8R & 8RT tractors with front weights. The cable kit mounts to existing holes on the frame of the tractor to secure the tow cable and loop ends to the drawbar. The LANTC17056 will help you pull out of the toughest messes. The kit includes a 1¼" cable that runs the full length from the rear drawbar to the front of the tractor, and all of the mounting hardware. If your tractor does not have a front weight bracket, or has a weight bracket but no weight installed, a LANTC18241 is also required.

Additional information

Weight 245 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 48 × 24 in