SuperCrop Header

This first-of-its-kind row-crop header can harvest a variety of row-crops including:

Platform Headers

These reliable attachments use a horizontal auger and cutterbar with an integrated cutting system that helps funnel the crop toward the header’s center and into the combine.

Check out our selection of new and used Platform Headers.

Research Headers

Built for seed research, a plastic center divider allows for two separate genetics to be harvested simultaneously.

Headers available to research a variety of row–crops including:

Row Crop Headers

Designed similarity to platform headers, but with points, or snouts, between each row that gather row crops and guide them to the cutter bar.

Check out our selection of new and used Row Crop Headers.

Draper Headers

Draper models use a belt-based fabric or rubber-constructed draper, or apron, instead of an auger. They require less power requirements and can help ensure less crop loss.

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Custom Headers

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it.

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