Custom Headers

Fabrication solutions to fit your needs

When it comes to harvesting, we’ve got you covered. There is rarely a fabrication solution we cannot provide.

Bish Enterprises manufactures all products in-house at our facility in Giltner, NE. We source raw materials, components, and sub-assemblies from local area partners. With these available resources and our fabrication abilities, we can offer custom headers that are both high-quality and cost-effective.

We offer a variety of headers…
  • Row Crop Headers
  • Corn Headers
  • Draper Headers
  • Lifted Headers …and more
Available in…
  • 3 – 18 Rows
  • 20″ – 40″ Spacing


6 Row Split Head with 20" Spacing

12 Row Corn Head with 40" Spacing

12 Row Corn Head with 36" Spacing

12 Row Head with 38" Spacing

7 Row Corn Head with 38" Spacing

Custom Head