Header Accessories

Corn Reels

Easy-on, easy-off design with clamp-on mounting brackets for most models.

Operates effectively in standing corn, as well as down-corn. Kit can be installed and removed within an hour on most headers. Field tested and simple to operate. Learn more…

Drive Package Kits

Highest quality drive package kits on the market. Nothing beats it; better than OEM.

We have the safest drive package kits available. Complete with redundant telescoping power shaft guards. Simple install with easy to read instructions. Learn more…

Frame Kits

All of our kits are 100% ready for row units and can be made to fit any combine manufacture.

Kits include:

3 Point Head Mover

Our 3 Point Head Mover is equipped to attach to many models of tractors.

It can pick up any John Deere, Case IH, or New Holland head. Learn more…

SuperCrop® HCK

The header conversion kit can help you repurpose and extend the life of your header!

Our sorghum header conversion kit for John Deere® 600 Series corn headers. Learn more…

Other Header Accessories

We offer a selection of other header accessories as well.

This includes

  • Corn Head Feeder House BBQ Grill Ear-Saver
  • Flight Extension Gussets
  • Reverse Auger Flightings
  • Auger Flighting Extensions
  • Stripper Extensions
    …and more