Wolf – 4 Rows – 993-80301041

Wolf – 4 Rows – 993-80301041

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Description :
Wolf Transplanter
The Checchi & Magli Wolf transplanter has revolutionized plastic mulch transplanting.
Traditionally, planting through plastic mulch involves time consuming, laborious, hand-planting. This is no longer necessary with the Wolf transplanter. The Wolf features a unique planting cup that perforates the plastic, then accurately places each plant.
Plant storage: tray holders not-supplied, choice of four-sided revolving tray holders,
inclined crate holder or transversal tray holders with 2 or more shelves.
Distribution system: perforating cups not-supplied; choice of standard or long cups
for pyramidal or conical clods, 5×5 or 7×7 cups for cubic clods. Insert for optional 4×4
cubic clods or for 5×5 and 7×7 cups.
Soil adaptation: independent and floating transplanting units, adjustable front
floating slide, weight lightening spring, film pressing slides, cup cleaning brushes.
Automatic disengagement: in case of accidental stoppage with automatic and
self-timing re-engagement.
Distance between rows:
– minimum 50 cm.
– minimum 30 cm for WOLF 2 rows with special code kit 500253.
Distance between plants:
– minimum 20 cm – maximum 198 cm. with standard perforating cups
(maximum 6 cups).
– minimum 20 cm – maximum 198 cm. with long perforating cups, 5×5 7×7
(maximum 5 cups).
– D1 Ð 1 cup Ð Distance between plants cm. 123-135-148-165-175-185-198
– D2 Ð 2 cups Ð Distance between plants cm. 62-67-74-82-87-93-99
– D3 Ð 3 cups Ð Distance between plants cm. 41-45-50-55-58-62-66
– D4 Ð 4 cups Ð Distance between plants cm. 31-34-37-41-44-46-49
– D5 Ð 5 cups Ð Distance between plants cm. 25-27-30-33-35-37-39
– D6 Ð 6 cups Ð Distance between plants cm. 20-22-25-28-29-33
Transmission: mechanical with drive wheels and hexagonal bar (no PTO).
Indicative production: up to 3.000 plants/hour per row; Up to 4.000 plants/hour
per row with easier device Fastwolf optional.
Additional Information :
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