John Deere® Airseeder Gang Buster/Remover – 992-LANGB1000

SKU: 992-LANGB1000


The LANGB1000 is a gang buster/remover for John Deere air seeders. Inevitably, the row units of an air seeder wear out and need replacing, but it doesn't need to be one of those projects you despise. Lankota's Gang Removal Tool simplifies the process, allowing you to stay on your feet throughout the entire rebuilding process. The bottle jacks enable a precise meeting with the toolbar, using clamps designed for the John Deere® air seeder profile. The castors grant the ability to remove the whole gang from under the frame, and the forklift tubes make sure you can lift the units up to just the right height for you. Lankota's Gang Removal Tool - an innovation that minimizes your downtime. Get one in your shop today.

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Weight 524 lbs
Dimensions 106 × 31 × 24 in