Hammer Mill Main Assembly, 10″ – 992-LANCK17157

SKU: 992-LANCK17157


The narrow time frame during the harvest season makes your time extremely valuable. Being able to process grain when you need it can make all the difference in the quality of feed you’re dispensing. Lankota's Corn Cracker can put quality feed in your bunk when the time is right for you. Very coarse to extra fine grinding can be achieved by adjusting shear plates to achieve the desired particle size. The output of the LANCK1757 varies with the moisture content of grain and PTO HP of the tractor. Up to 2,600 BPH can be processed with just a 165 PTO HP tractor at 25% moisture, making it very desirable to the average sized farmer. Use the Corn Cracker on much larger tractors to obtain higher BPH output for larger operations. Minimum tractor rating of 120 Engine HP. The Lankota Corn Cracker is a less expensive, yet very productive alternative to get premium feed at the right time for you. Four feet in diameter, 10" thick/deep with 60 independently swinging hammers made of AR400 steel for years of continuous, trouble-free cracking/grinding. Six adjustable shear plates can be set to obtain the desired media size at various moistures of the product.

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