Automatic header height control bundles – Automatic Header Control

SKU: Automatic-Header-Control


Add header height and contour master to any header and combine of same make or differing makes.
Some of the features of these sensors are:

  • Down pressure spring: Keeps the sensor on the ground even at higher operating speeds.
  • Oil impregnated bushing: The rotating shaft has an oil impregnated bushing that never needs greasing.
  • Reverse spring trip: Allows the sensing arm to flip forward if operator reverses the combine.
  • Flexible poly arm: Allows the sensing arm to flex, which absorbs most of the shock and abuse of the field.
  • Hall effect sensor: Uses a magnetic field to sense rotational angle, which eliminates moving parts and increases sensor life.

Call Lankota for more information. Please have your combine model, header model, and header width or number of rows available when you call. It is important to know which plug is on the head (i.e. 16 pin, 31 pin (50 series), or 31 pin (Deutche) for single point combines).