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Efficient Hemp Harvesting with FiberCut

Reliable and Adjustable – Designed for Your Harvest Needs

Discover the Power of the FiberCut in Hemp Agriculture

The FiberCut is your strategic partner in maximizing hemp production, ensuring clean and consistent cuts to reduce waste and protect crops. Precision-engineered for hemp, it meets the unique demands of hemp farming. This guarantees an efficient, gentle harvest for your plants.
Precision Engineered Cutting: Exclusively crafted for hemp, our cutting technology ensures minimal damage to plants, thus enhancing the quality of the harvested hemp fibers.
Adaptive Speed Control : Capable of adjusting speeds up to 12 mph to adapt to varying crop conditions, this feature optimizes the harvesting process without compromising the integrity of the plants.
Versatile Crop Handling : Whether dealing with tall, dense hemp or shorter strains, the FiberCut’s flexible configuration allows for easy adjustments, accommodating a wide range of hemp varieties.

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1 Can use 4,3,2,1 bar(s) at a time
2 Forward folding arms
3 Manual counterbalance
4 CAT 3,4 point attachment (with option CAT 5 compatibility)
5 Bumpered mounting sheath
6 Can be configured in 4,3,2, or 1 arm(s); as well as 12’, 10’, 8’, or 6’



1 Adaptability to various field conditions
2 Compact and safe road travel
3 Better handle with uneven terrain during harvest/transport
4 Increased versatility and adaptability
5 Enhanced sickle protection when closed
6 Easy retting, baling, bale unwinding, and decortication

Explore the Cutting-Edge Performance of FiberCut

Dive into our video gallery to witness the FiberCut, a leading hemp harvester, demonstrating its efficiency and versatility. Each video
showcases this robust hemp harvesting equipment performing impressively across diverse farming scenarios.

Different From Other
Hemp Harvest Equipment

View the FiberCut in various operational settings through our detailed image gallery and instructional videos, showcasing its functionality and efficiency across different agricultural scenarios.

Discover the FiberCut Advantage

Why Choose FiberCut?

Efficient and Precise: Accelerate your hemp harvest with the FiberCut hemp harvester, designed to maximize speed without sacrificing crop quality. Versatile Performance: Adapt seamlessly to varying field conditions with our Multi Height Sickle Mower, ideal for different types of hemp cultivation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our hemp harvesting equipment? Find the

What are the cutting height options for FiberCut?
Multi Height Sickle Bar: FiberCut features adjustable cutting heights, making it versatile for various types of hemp plants. From hemp stalk cutters to hemp field trimmers, adjust the height to suit your specific crop needs.
Can the FiberCut attached to any tractor ?
Yes, the FiberCut is compatible with CAT 3 and 4 three-point attachments and offers an optional CAT 5 configuration. It can function as a hemp sickle mower or hemp sickle bar, making it adaptable to various farming equipment.
Is maintenance support is readly available?
o Absolutely! We provide comprehensive support for our industrial hemp harvesting equipment, ensuring that you have access to maintenance help whenever you need it.
Where can I purchase FiberCut and what is the price range?
o FiberCut is available directly from us and through select distributors. For information on hemp harvester price and availability, please contact us directly or visit our website. We offer competitive pricing on all our hemp harvesting equipment for sale.